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Career change – brave or crazy?

It takes a while to work this out for some of us, but I finally realised what I was achieving by working in a large corporation. Yes I had a great team of people, we delivered on our I.T projects and learned a lot about the Payments Industry. But at the end of the day, we were working to fatten the salaries and bonuses of the senior executives, who’s incentives are aligned to trying to increase profits year on year. If growth isn’t always achievable then keeping wages down and sending ever increasing amounts of labour offshore seemed to work. Capitalism at it’s worst.

So if you are fortunate enough to have achieved a level of financial security, consider taking a risk and start your own new adventure, whatever that may be. For me I left my corporate career to mow a lawn, trim a hedge, build a veggie garden, and even a tree house. The list of odd jobs is seemingly endless. My work is more interesting and varied, I meet heaps of really great people, I learn practical skills (and make plenty of mistakes to help me learn more!). Once a week I have a late night organising the odd jobs for the week ahead, and sorting quotes and invoices. Running your own business does come with these sort of headaches but I still have no regrets and have no desire to return to I.T.

What’s your passion?

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So true, and so good for the soul to make your passion your career!

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